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A beach wedding and what do I wear?

A beach wedding and what do I wear?

If you have been invited to a wedding on the beach and you do not know what to wear, do not leave, this is your post. MBW want to give you all the advice you need to make your day at the beach unforgettable.

1. For your feet, wedges, sandals and everything you can think of. So you have a couple of inspiring ideas. They’ll be surprised how many designs with rhinestones and lace that will fill your feet glamor and elegance. At the end … how in all beach weddings you have gone all barefoot.

sandalis boda playacuña boda playa

2. Hair: We talked in this post hairstyles we liked best if you married at sea, and today we still think you’re prettier unkempt braids, etc. We recommend not to leave the totally loose hair, everyone knows what the sea breeze can make the best of relaxers.


3. Short or long dress, that gives us the same, but cool and light, all colors are worth to us, when we think of a wedding on the beach we have no reason to send us to the typical Ibiza wedding where all go white, the possibilities are endless, such as colors and prints.



4. For men: we propose a sailor style with American and short, light-hearted, practical and fun dot pants with a formal look.

boda playa invitado hombre

5.Hats and sunglasses are mandatory and essential accessories if the wedding is in the morning.


And finally an important tip:

Unless the couple have specified in their invitation is an Ibiza wedding or who want guests to your wedding dress in white, choose bright colors or printed for the occasion, never white tones, that color will leave it exclusively to the star of the wedding.


Best regards,

Francisca Andreu


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