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To suit you…


All the details

Mojacar Beach Weddings we are well aware that this is one of the most memorable days of your life and it has to be perfect. Just a great planning, attention to detail and excellent customer service can ensure the success of the wedding day, and tailored planning is always the key to success. Here in the South of Spain we did not play a guessing game; We never assume and never take anything for granted – check, check and check again.

We guarantee almost to the Sun

Yes, our wedding plans tailored checked, revised and tested again and again to ensure all the details are in accordance with the requirements of the bride and groom. and everything is recorded, is recorded and monitored. While we can reserve places, menus, flowers, all kinds of details we cannot guarantee the weather, but with statistics of 320 days of sunshine a year here in the temperate zone of the southern Spain, yes, we feel we have a greater chance to reserve a blue sky.

Yes, we want an unforgettable wedding

Through a simple questionnaire you can tell all the details of your desired wedding. You will receive a reply in your email.

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